Boy Scouts

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  1. Malum Prohibitum

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    Here is a section right out of the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting.

    "Except for law enforcement officers required to carry firearms within their jurisdiction, firearms shall not be brought on camping, hiking, backpacking, or other Scouting activities except those specifically planned for target shooting under the supervision of a currently certified BSA or National Rifle Association firearms instructor."
  2. Rammstein

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    The Boy Scouts are a fine organization, but in my opinion they have some other issues they also need to take care of beyond firearms.

  3. Foul

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    The Scouts have been corrupt at LEAST since the 70s when I finally got tired of the crap and quit.
    The gutless liberals have stained them as well as government.
  4. Tinkerhell

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    It's been a while since I was involved with scouting but it is like so many other things - it all depends on who is running the troop & the parents of the kids involved.

    I was in the scouts like 20 years ago. Its where I fired my first full auto weapon. :D

    The scoutmaster would take us on weekend camping trips and he had a friend who, I guess, was a collector. We had to have signed permission slips but the guy showed up with a wide range of all sorts of toys to try out. No telling how many rounds myself and about 20 other boys fired off on those trips. I was literally a blast!