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Bought a new holepunch today

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I decided on the Savage Arms Mark II.

Synthetic stock, piddly little 10-round detachable mag, nice clean 5-pound trigger pull (which I intend to reduce to about 2.5 when I get around to it) and DAMN accurate.

Anybody know if I can get bigger mags for this? Dad had some 30-rd mags for a Marlin but I don't know where he got them or if they're even made for the Savage. Or if they're legal.
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You guys are killing my "fix the house money."

First, I come down with BRD.

Then LeCZends buys a CZ75 and lets me play with it. After that, he applies for his GFL. I think, "I'm OK, I've got an AR in the house, and I know how to use it. I don't need no stinkin' GFL or pistol."

He then proceeds to send me news articles of all the messed up stuff going on that I was trying to ignore and tells me about this site. Great.

"Wow, those H&K's are nice. 9mm's are sweet. Oooo... what's a .40?" Off I go to enemy territory (Athens) to look at pistols... Just to get an idea, ya know. "Arrgh! My wallet just jumped onto the counter and bought a handgun!" Stupid wallet. Oops... need holster, ammo, etc.

I put the ammo in cans and take it to the closet. I see my .22. "Man, I wish that dumb kid hadn't lost the tube magazine for it. Too bad nobody sells parts for it."

Now you post this, and I think about the '94 ban. If I had a wife, I'd be getting divorced because of you guys.


googles CZ452 and Ruger 10/22
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