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Bought a new holepunch today

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I decided on the Savage Arms Mark II.

Synthetic stock, piddly little 10-round detachable mag, nice clean 5-pound trigger pull (which I intend to reduce to about 2.5 when I get around to it) and DAMN accurate.

Anybody know if I can get bigger mags for this? Dad had some 30-rd mags for a Marlin but I don't know where he got them or if they're even made for the Savage. Or if they're legal.
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Here it is. The first pic has it's big brother (the Mosin) in the background.

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asbrand said:
I have 3 of them. 8)

I've the Mark II and the Youth Model with wood stocks. In fact, they are both actually "Lakefield" rifles, not Savage Arms. Lakefield was bought out by Savage some time back. Exact same model though.

Also have a SA Mark II with the black stock (like yours) that I got for my daughter when she turned 10 (almost 5 years ago).

Unfortunately, none of them have the cool "accu-trigger" as that is a new invention for them.

But, they are damn fine rifles.
I love the accutrigger. I opened up the rifle and made the trigger pull a whole lot lighter, and it broke cleanly and accurately at just under 2 pounds.
ptsmith24 said:
So...what would make them not legal :?:
If they renew the Black Gun Ban they won't be legal.
Adam5 said:
Let me know how it shoots. The Savage MKII is near the top of my 'rimfire wanted' list.
Haven't had a chance yet. I was gonna go today but ended up having to spend an EXTRA 11 hours at work...
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