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Bought a new holepunch today

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I decided on the Savage Arms Mark II.

Synthetic stock, piddly little 10-round detachable mag, nice clean 5-pound trigger pull (which I intend to reduce to about 2.5 when I get around to it) and DAMN accurate.

Anybody know if I can get bigger mags for this? Dad had some 30-rd mags for a Marlin but I don't know where he got them or if they're even made for the Savage. Or if they're legal.
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Why wouldn't the mags be legal? There isn't a capacity restriction in GA...
gsusnake said:
ptsmith24 said:
So...what would make them not legal :?:
If they renew the Black Gun Ban they won't be legal.
The OP said "...if they're legal"...I think that's what confused me. I thought you were talking about now. Just get whatever you can now and then :-$ later. :wink:
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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