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    I know there is a different thread about boots but I need advice on boots for a different type of job. I need a boot that has good ankle support for walking around the outside of houses but is also flexible enough to walk rafters easily and has tread that can be cleaned very easily. I have to go in and out of houses at least 8-10 times a day rain or shine.
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    I think many brands that were recommended in the other boot thread probably have soles that will fill the easy to clean demand. My Wolverines come to mind. The steel toe isn't necessary, and will save weight find a boot without it. I would search for light boots so they won't be clunky on the ceiling joists. A steel shank(or at least stiff plastic shank) will make it easier to walk the joists. I know you think you want feel here but a little stiffness will help. Most hiking boots would be ideal except for the sole, which will be hard to clean.

    I would search for the lightest 6" or 8"(this might be the best for joist walking although it might add weight) work boot without the steel toe.

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    have to recommend redwings for what you need. My uncle is a home inspector in tenn and has been doing it for 20yrs. Wont use anything but redwings.
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    I will have to go look at the redwing store after the first. I started on the 4th but dont get a check till the first :(
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    when i shop for boots, i have the same principles in mind. last boots i bought were georgia boot giant 2.0, these things are awesome!
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    Vasque 7166! ... moss-brown

    Open lugs for good traction but still clean out easily. Support? They are a very good hicking boot so lots of support. Non-slip, etc, etc, etc

    I looked and looked for a good boot and these things kick ass. While it is not a "work" boot it is tough as nails. A little on the high side at $170 but has been worth every penny. These things are great and well worth the look.

    Come December I will have had them a year and there is not even a loose thread anywhere to indicate they will be coming apart anytime soon.
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    The Bates boots thaty the other poster picked up do come without the composite cap and are otherwise the same. I do low voltage installation, and while I do use the composite cap boot, I have a good feeling these could work for you. The lugs are pretty easy to clean, I get good traction on slick surfaces and have had no issue on steel. I have also climbed up many a building by grabbing a pipe or conduit and putting my feet against the CMU and heading up. Even with painted CMU I get traction. I do wish I had a shank in these though for ladder and joist work as it would be so much easier on my feet.]

    Now, the number one factor for me, the ankle support. I have a titanium ankle from a nasty auto accident in 2002. I have to have good ankle support or I would not make it through but about 30 minutes of work and then be limping for 2 days.