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Well lets see what ol Osama has thought and what actually has occured.

Upset that the US is helping Isreal and friendly to oil producing countries, Osama sets up a puppet government in Afganistan and starts training soldiers to fight us. In addition he plans to terrorize us by first blowing up the WTC then later crashing planes into them.

He wants to show us he is strong and scare us out of supporting Isreal and get out of the middle east.

It has been reported the Osama has studied US history, but he did not learn a damn thing. As I studied US history, I came to one very obvious conclusion:
If you anger US citizens enough, they will insist on striking back, HARD.

So unlike Europe, for example Spain who changed leaders and pulled troops out of Iraq after a terrorist bombing (by the way they got bombed again after they pulled the troops out), terrorism on our soil only manages to tick us off (in a I am going to kick your ass way).

Instead of us leaving the area scared, we took over Afganistan and put in a new government, took over Iraq and put in a new governemt, and now Egypt is going to offer a multiparty elections and now pro-democracy Lebanon is free from the secular Syrian puppet government.

Talk about the mother of all backfires. I wonder how Osama feels about being the catalist of what is starting to be a free middle east?

As for more terrorist actions on US soil, always a possiblility. A free society will always have the possibility. Which may be the reason we react violently to any attack on our own soil, we like to live free and feel safe and woe unto those who take that feeling away.
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