Boortz: War on Islamic Killers

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    Lest anyone become complacent and forget the real reason we're fighting the war on terror, Osama is back in the news. U.S. intelligence officials say Bin Laden has directed that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his bunch over in Iraq turn their attention toward attacks in the United States. seems Bin Laden is ordering the insurgents in Iraq to throw in the towel over there. But I thought that war was hopeless? Anyway, back to the threats against America.

    Reports show that Bin Laden contacted al-Zarqawi and asked for the shift in tactics. Now think about this for a minute. The purpose of the war on terror is so that we fight the enemies abroad instead of at home. The Islamic terrorists we are able to extinguish overseas can't darken the door at any of our airports. So now they appear to be turning their sites on us. Not concerned? You should be.

    We haven't had a terrorist attack in this country since 9/11. What could be next? A shopping mall? A sporting event? A bus terminal? All it would take is one of these Islamofascist S.O.B's to put on a suicide bomber vest, duck into a crowded restaurant and pull the cord. Frankly, I'm surprised it hasn't already happened.

    This is just a friendly reminder -- a reminder that will be ignored by many -- as to why the War on Terrorism must be fought and won. As the cause of freedom expands through the Middle East, terrorists like Bin Laden will become increasingly concerned that their time is gone. They need something spectacular, and fast, to turn the attention back to them and their goals for the destruction of the Western society
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    Well lets see what ol Osama has thought and what actually has occured.

    Upset that the US is helping Isreal and friendly to oil producing countries, Osama sets up a puppet government in Afganistan and starts training soldiers to fight us. In addition he plans to terrorize us by first blowing up the WTC then later crashing planes into them.

    He wants to show us he is strong and scare us out of supporting Isreal and get out of the middle east.

    It has been reported the Osama has studied US history, but he did not learn a damn thing. As I studied US history, I came to one very obvious conclusion:
    If you anger US citizens enough, they will insist on striking back, HARD.

    So unlike Europe, for example Spain who changed leaders and pulled troops out of Iraq after a terrorist bombing (by the way they got bombed again after they pulled the troops out), terrorism on our soil only manages to tick us off (in a I am going to kick your ass way).

    Instead of us leaving the area scared, we took over Afganistan and put in a new government, took over Iraq and put in a new governemt, and now Egypt is going to offer a multiparty elections and now pro-democracy Lebanon is free from the secular Syrian puppet government.

    Talk about the mother of all backfires. I wonder how Osama feels about being the catalist of what is starting to be a free middle east?

    As for more terrorist actions on US soil, always a possiblility. A free society will always have the possibility. Which may be the reason we react violently to any attack on our own soil, we like to live free and feel safe and woe unto those who take that feeling away.

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    Neal Boortz was rather rude to me today. I was eating lunch with my wife and son when he sat down with his daughter (or a daughter aged- pretty female). As we were leaving, his daughter starting exclaiming "What a cute little boy," and told Neal Boorts, "Look, how adorable." She then said "hi" to my four year old son, so we stopped so he could say hi back and give one of those cute little smiles and waves that a four year old gives.

    As we was doing so, I told my son "Daddy listens to that man on the radio." Neal Boortz refused to speak, smile, or even look in our direction. As we were turning to go, I mentioned, "We love your show, Neal." He still refused to look up or acknowledge the polite compliment.

    While I am sure rude people frequently bother him when he is out trying to eat, we only stopped because his daughter spoke to my son. I don't think it is too much to ask for him to have smiled and nodded without even saying anything. My wife is so angry that I do not think she will ever allow his show to be on again if she is in the car. "How rude," she kept repeating after we were outside the restaurant.

    She thought his daughter was nice, but, then, what does any mother think of someone who goes on and on about how adorable her child is . . .

    I don't think I am being overly sensitive. It kind of ticked me off. Hrmph.

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    What if it was some ultra-liberal who just happens to look like boortz and hates being thought of as his worst nightmare.
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    He sounded just like him, too!
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    Maybe he's just an ass.