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Wednesday - April 18, 2007


First ... some thoughts on the Virginia Tech shootings.

I've heard from the parents of some Virginia Tech students. They're tired of the media presence on their campus. They want them to leave. They're particularly upset at the way Geraldo Rivera virtually attacked their president. At this point the students think that the reporters on their campus are making things worse, not better. The sooner they are left alone the sooner they can get back to some semblance of normalcy.

How far have we advanced in the wussification of America? I am now under attack by the left for wondering aloud why these students did so little to defend themselves. It seems that standing in terror waiting for your turn to be executed was the right thing to do, and any questions as to why 25 students didn't try to rush and overpower Cho Seung-Hui are just examples of right wing maniacal bias. Surrender -- comply -- adjust. The doctrine of the left.

Amazing, isn't it? Even the suggestion that young adults should actually engage in an act of self defense brings howls of protest.

Do you think gun control was a valid show topic the day after the Virginia Tech massacre?
No, it was too soon to bring that up

I'm reminded of the episode at the discount store in Florida. A shoplifter has a store employee down on the floor and is attacking that employee with a knife. A woman ... a woman who had a concealed carry permit ... steps out of a cash register line, pulls a gun out of her purse, and orders the attacker to put his knife down or "I'll blow your head off." The attacker complies and is held for police. When the TV crews show up a witness whines "I can't believe that woman can go around with a gun in her purse like that." 100 to 1 odds the whiner was a Democrat. How dare anyone fight back!

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the irrational gun control crowd has jumped on the Virginia Tech tragedy to push their disarmament agenda. The gun control movement in this country should never be taken seriously until the they tell us just how they plan to get the guns out of the hands of the criminals. Gun control advocates only have a plan for getting the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, yet they're taken seriously.

The statistics are clear. Crime rates are lower where qualified law abiding people are allowed to own and carry guns. If this is true in virtually every community in which it has been tried ... why would it not be true on a large college campus? Rational answer, anyone?

Now we have a university professor pushing for laws making it harder for a young person to purchase a gun. You'll hear about his on the news today. Another professor with all of the answers. I've listened carefully ... not one suggestion as to how we prevent the criminals from getting guns. Typical.

As I told you yesterday ... Virginia Tech was at the epicenter of a controversy in Virginia a few years ago. A student with a permit was caught with a gun on campus. The controversy moved to the Virginia legislature where a bill to extend permit privileges to college campuses was rejected. So .. what was the reality on Monday at Virginia Tech? A law-abiding student with a concealed carry permit could not bring a gun on campus. A student not caring about the law but intent on mayhem could.

OK .. so you haven't heard of Pierre Lemieux. No, he's not a hockey player. He's an economist from Quebec. Yesterday he wrote that "Mass killings were rare when guns were easily available, while they have been increasing as guns have become more controlled." And why not? The murderer knows that he doesn't have to fear a victim with a gun! Virginia Tech, after all, was a "gun free zone." Any of your lefties care to comment?

Javier Solana is the European Union foreign policy chief. He is upset with U.S. plans to a wall along portions of its border with Mexico. Solana says that immigrants should not be treated as criminals. He says that the EU believes that immigrants should be treated like people and not like criminals. Hey, Javier! Legal immigrants -- show who abide by our laws -- are treated like people. Illegal aliens -- those who violate our laws -- are treated like people who are criminals. Why? Because they are! If you're having a big problem with that give me a call and I'll see if I can explain it further to you.

Global Warmistas have had a bit of a problem trying to explain why we didn't have a single hurricane touch the shores of the United States during the last hurricane season. Now they've come up with an explanation. Wind shear. Yup .. that's it. Global warming is causing wind shear, and the wind shear is ripping the heads off of hurricanes. Always an explanation when global warming predictions don't come true .. always an explanation other than "maybe we're wrong about this global warming thing."

OK .. this doesn't really have anything to do with anything ... but it's the middle of April. The year is one-third over. Is time zipping by, or what?

Subject: I am disappointed in you Neal
Name: Lauren

As a loyal listener since I was 17, (I'm now 26), I'm frustrated with you Neal. I cannot understand what prompted you to discuss the Second Amendment today? I understand your position on this matter, and I agree, this will be used by anti-gun lobbyists to promote their agenda. However, did you need to do it today? Wouldn't it be better if you wrote "my hearts go out to the families" and leave it at that?

I have a point here and I will not listen to your show for a short while until I stop fuming. Your timing was wretched, and you disappointed me.
Subject: You Gave Him The Bullets
Name: Dick Simulus

>>The point here is that you are never ever going to get the guns out of
>>the hands of those who want to use them for carnage. <<

It's statements like that from supposedly intelligent people like you that keeps the killing alive. Such stupid statements from gun lovers like you are responsible for thousands of deaths in this country. You and you're show provide the bullets to keep the gun movement alive which keeps the killing alive. You will get yours eventually and most likely it will be a 38 from one of your own followers. Watch your back.

Subject: Sometimes Somebody doesn't need to say it.
Name: Philip Poole

Neal, you discussed the kids freezing up prior to being shot at VT. I understand the point you're making, I just honestly don't see what purpose is served by making it. Some froze, some jumped, lots died.

If you have to preface remarks by saying how controversial you're being, you might want to question why you're saying it.

Hey Neal... Sometimes somebody just doesn't got to say it.

From my soapbox in Tucker,

Philip Poole
Subject: Gun Control Article
Name: Chris Jones


I have never been a fan of your show, but after today in reading your "What if the shooter at Virginia Tech had not been the only person in Norris Hall with a weapon?" I must say that I may now be a fan of yours. As an NRA member everything you write is 100% true, so why is it so damn hard to get it through peoples hard ass heads? What can we do to make people understand?...its so easy for us to understand it actually makes me mad when somebody cannot understand facts about legal gun ownership and safety.
Subject: U R right!
Name: Rhonda

Don't let Belinda or ANYONE make you feel bad! You are right! I have a 6 year old & a 3 year old, if another kid hits my daughter I want her to hit them back! If she gets in trouble at school that's OK because she won't get any grief from me as long as she did not hit first. Next year I am enrolling her in some kind of a defense class! I am 5'2" 120 lbs but I have this fire in my belly when someone tries to hurt me or take something from me & I want my daughters to have it too & not be afraid to fight back!!! You are doing a great job & thank you!! like you say somebody has to say it. Rhonda Kay
Subject: Fighting Back
Name: Angela

How do you propose that these students and faculty should have fought back against a person with 2 guns while they were unarmed? They did what they could do with the resources they had available. How do you think you would react if you're sitting in the radio station doing your radio show like any other day and all of a sudden a maniac with 2 guns storms in and starts shooting? I think you'd duck and cover too! How dare you criticize these students who I think handled themselves remarkably well under an extremely difficult situation. How do you think you could have done better Mister High and Mighty?
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