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From VCDL Alert:

2. BRCC exempts CHP holders from campus gun ban

From VCDL Executive Member Mike Stollenwerk:

Interestingly, the student handbook for Blue Ridge Community College exempts concealed handgun permit holding students from the college gun ban.

So, in addition to the Colorado State University administration doing the right thing and exempting permit holders, we now have Virginia's own BRCC doing the same for years. The Blue Ridge Community College Student Handbook states that "Carrying firearms or other weapons on college property or at any college activity except as explicitly authorized for instructional purposes or as exempted by Virginia Code
18.2-308 et seq." at .

So much for Gov. Kaine's "disaster."
I was going to title this thread "Moving in the Right Direction," but then I saw that Nebraska is all set to ban college carry once the Governor signs the bill the legislature just passed.
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