Blind Man Says License Does Not Make Him Dangerous

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Malum Prohibitum, May 17, 2007.

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  2. S&W 40

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    I'm not sure if I am scared or glad of what he is doing. Atleast he does know his limitations and would only shoot point blank and not trying to be a weapons master.

  3. Adam5

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    I saw that posted over on GT and wasn't quite sure what to say. No offense, but I'm not sure that I would want a blind man shooting a gun around me. Exactly what are "special low-range, hollow-point bullets that are effective only in tight quarters"?
  4. luke0927

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    I feel bad for the guy but you can see he's the type that doesnt want you to feel bad for him.....I just wouldn't want him shooting around me.
  5. Tinkerhell

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    I see his point and I'd be willing to bet that even if he ever was in a situation where he had to fire on someone he would never injury a non BG.
    Still I'm not too sure I would want him firing around me...
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    Thats ok tink he will be shooting blindly. :rotfl:
    I know, that really a shot in the dark. :rotfl:
    Somebody stop me, I can't help myself..........
  7. qre2457

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    How did he successfully complete a shooting exercise? It is not a person so the paper target was not making noise to give away its location (height, distance, angle to the shooter).

    Some may want to slap me for this comment, but there are good reasons to have someone show that they can actually hit a paper target from 7ish yards. If they cannot hit a piece of paper bigger than a person, they cannot hit a real person while under stress.
  8. notamasshole

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    be carefull or you will end up like RI you have to qualify at 75 feet!
  9. qre2457

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    I thought you were full of it, so I checked. You are right. That is a little much IMO. I would be happy with a 7-yard test.

    § 11-47-16 that he or she has qualified with a pistol or revolver of a caliber equal to or larger than the one he or she intends to carry, that qualification to consist of firing a score of one hundred ninety-five (195) or better out of a possible score of three hundred (300) with thirty (30) consecutive rounds at a distance of twenty-five (25) yards on the army "L" target, firing "slow" fire. The "slow" fire course shall allow ten (10) minutes for the firing of each of three (3) ten (10) shot strings.
  10. GAGunOwner

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    Licenses are not only about carrying a gun for protection but the ability to transport a gun/or transport it more easily. Many states require you to have a license to transport a gun in a car. In GA the GFL lets you carry a gun more easily in a car.

    Let's say this guy has to transport a gun, getting a license allows this/makes it easier. What if he has to carry a gun to a friends house down the street, etc?
  11. Macktee

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    Anyone else remember the "Zatoichi the Blind Samurai" series of movies from Japan? The guy used his weapons quite effectively even though he was blind.

    I don't see any reason this guy shouldn't get his carry permit as he seems capable, rational and competent and has done some things I haven't tried. However, not all blind people necessarily fit that profile... I have mixed feelings here, but in general, I don't think it's a good idea to issue permits to the blind.
  12. slabertooch

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    Actually Zatoichi wasn't blind, he was faking it. If you watch the most recent one, with Takeshi Kitano, he reveals that he can see to the "Big Boss" before he kills him. granted that one is not necessarily related to the other films, there have been over 10 films, and a few TV shows.
  13. GAGunOwner

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    I don't like licenses for anyone. Tell we where in the Constitution it talks about gun licenses again? :lol:
  14. Gunstar1

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    What if he has one of these? The hammer is triggered by punching someone.