Bleeding? How is that MY Problem?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Malum Prohibitum, Feb 1, 2007.

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    I don't get it.
    I'm not a cop so I don't know the proceedure but it sure seems like it would be the smart thing to get the woman to a hospital & check her out. If she really is having a problem then your arse is covered, if she is not then you are still right there with her & have her at hand for all the original charges plus maybe something else - some kind of evading arrest or something, wasting an officers time? I don't know.
    Just seems like a really dumb set of things to have done. Now they are going to be hosed and the woman's attnys are going to reem the department and worst of all it could actually have been the cause of the miscarriage. The cops are likely going to have to live with that thought in their head....

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    I'll play devil's advocate since most of the time everyone is in agreement here.

    Would the outcome have been different had they taken her to the hospital that night? I don't believe so. A fetus in the first trimester more than likely does not have a high survivability rate outside of the womb.

    Furthermore, the officers are not medical professionals and had no way to determine if the blood was a natural bodily function or not. Her statements are more matter-of-fact and seem to lack urgency in her tone
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    You know there are drugs that can help prevent the premature delivery of a baby. There are times when a woman that could miscarry is told to lay on a bed an not get up for anything. It could be that having the woman stand or sit instead of lay down caused the situation to be worse than it was.

    There is a golden hour in which the possibility to save a life is greatest, being kept in a jail cell overnight makes one go way past an hour.

    The bottom line is the police are not medical examiners, so ANY claim of bad health should be looked into by at least a nurse.
    She might have miscarried at a hospital anyway... keeping her in a jail cell overnight and ignoring her cries for help will viturally guarantee a miscarrage.

    Look at it another way,
    The police decide to take her to the hospital:
    A. if she was lying, a trip to the hospital will prove it and she ends up right back where she was
    B. If she was not lying and was really in medical trouble, she will be where people can help her, even if she miscarried they can make sure she does not bleed to death or any other complications.

    If the police ignore her:
    C. She was faking and she will be fine
    D. She was not faking and in the worst circumstance the baby and the mom both die, in this case it was just the baby.

    So, what to do if your gut says she is lying... do you take her to the hospital anyway and potentally waist time or do you continue to ignore her and potenally loose a woman and baby?
    Which decision has the worst outcome if you are wrong?
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    "To protect and serve" my a$$.
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    I'll give officers alot of leeway sometimes. They have a tough job to do, and have to sometimes make split second life or death decisions.

    This story makes me sick.

    What harm would have been done had they called for medical attention? If a woman says that she is pregnant and belleding, why totally ignore her? I know that some people will lie to try to get out of trouble. But, sometimes you have to err on the side of caution and give a person the benefit of the doubt. The quote "I have a problem. I'm bleeding. I took the car and I want to go the hospital" SHOULD have said it all the officers.
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    Are the police expected to take every person that complains of a problem to the hospital just to be on the safe side?

    The lady told the officers about the blood in a way that lacked urgency. She did not say anything to the person who drove her to the police station.

    Also, the woman lied to the officers about her suspended license. They could have believed that this was just another lie from the woman.
  8. Gunstar1

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    If it turns out she was lying, the fine her or jail her longer or whatever you like, but yes in general everyone should be looked at (at least once, after that it's depends on circumstances).

    It would be cheaper to hire a part time nurse than defend from a lawsuit (even if they are found not liable).
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    They could have applied a taser to stop the bleeding.

    It's covered in all police academy basic first aid classes.
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    These officers are in deep kimche. I was a firefighter for a while - believe me, you get a lot of bullshit calls - medical whining, fires, car wrecks, you name it. But I have also seen ladies bleed out and die from vessel tears in a fender bender, people become quads in minor falls from congential spinal stenosis, houses rekindle from smoldering lint, etc. If you are in these type of public servant jobs, you simply cannot become a jaded know it all who is judge, jury, and executioner with regard to everyone's complaints. If you are going to do this job, you have to be a big enough person to accept being lied to and duped most of the time, but still act appropriately. These two judged for themselves the veracity of this lady's complaint, and they and their department are now going to pay for it. As to the question of whether the outcome would have been different at the hospital, the question won't come up if you simply take the lady to the hospital.