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Black Powder Conversion Cylinder Ideas and/or suggestions

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Hi all, Firstly Happy Holidays! Secondly I'm looking to daily carry my 1860 Army (STEEL Frame) So I'm looking for a good conversion cylinder. Firstly are they all so expensive? ($200-250) also how would any experienced users rate the performance? I've heard good things from other online reviews but I'm just covering my bases.
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I had two Uberti 1858 Remington's with 45 Colt conversion cylinders. They were very fine and the revolvers very accurate. The plus is that you can ship them to a non-ffl person even with the cartridge cylinder in the same box. The cylinder is classified as "parts" and the firearm as a vintage replica. Here are the two I had. As much as I hated to do it, I traded them for an Uberti Winchester 73!
The cylinders were R&D and they are in the $200 range. They cost more than the revolvers!!!!!

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