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Black politicians have taken over many American CITIES. Black Mayor, black Police Chief, black District Attorney, all-black City Council, etc.... how has they fared under all-black leadership? It seems that some are doing OK, some are absolutely horrible, crime is still a big problem, and their mostly-black police force is still viewed with suspicion and distrust in the communities they serve.
Why would having an entire state or block of contiguous U.S. states work out any better for the black citizens?
This idea would only benefit B.L.M.'s leaders-- they would go from being dumbass community organizers and bullies in the street to being powerful politicians with real power and the force of law behind their policies, drawing good taxpayer-funded salaries and benefits.
A good number of those "take overs" followed years of shenanigans to keep local politics white even in the face of changing demographics. A lot of those transitions were also followed by white flight and real estate market collapses.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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