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For the next half-hour, Ward, Johnson, and a few other accomplices took over the room, blowing whistles and heckling the audience with chants of “FEEL THE BERN!†and “DUMP THE TRUMP!†while the audience jeered them back. One of the event organizers called both DePaul security and the Chicago police, both of whom refused to eject the protesters, having been ordered by school administrators to hang back (and the latter probably influenced by Johnson’s mommy being a high-ranking public official).

The police’s inaction was even more insulting considering that several days before, DePaul had attempted to shake down the College Republicans for more money for security. They were forced to pony up an extra $1,000 for increased security under threat of cancellation, which Breitbart paid for. Said security did nothing as a pair of leftist radicals hijacked an event that had been paid for and physically threatened Milo on multiple occasions.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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