Black Hawk CQC Holsters with Serpa Retention

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by S&W 40, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. S&W 40

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    Anyone with any experience with the Black Hawk CQC with Serpa retention?

    I am looking for a carry holster for a S&W Sigma 40VE (very simular to Glock ??). I like the active retention for OC not sure for CC. I do not like thumb breaks and unsure about passive retention (Fobus and others).

    Just looking for anyone that has tried one and what you think, I do not want to split with $50-$60 just to find I do not like or what the draw backs are.
  2. CoolHand

    CoolHand Active Member

    I Like My SERPA!

    I've been using one for my Kimber .45 for about a month now. I like it a lot. It comes with a belt slide and paddle and you can easily adjust it's cant angle by loosening the 3 screws. You can also adjust the belt slide for different width belts.

    As far as speed of the draw, it's just as fast or faster than a thumb break holster. The release lever is right where it needs to be and is easy to actuate. One thing I really love about is is when you reholster the weapon your not screwing around trying to get the pistol in the holster and then trying to snap the #*@%#$*@&#%$ snap. You just stick it in and when you here the click then you know its locked.

    The only negatives I've heard about the holster is that the locking mechanism can and has becomed jammed by debris. This is not a good thing if you're (a) a HSLD operator engaging in a gunfight after crawling through a swamp or, (b) a slob who does not clean your gear regularly. The other possible negative has to do with glocks. Some people claim there is the possibility that the holster could cause an accidental discharge due to the proximity of the release lever to the trigger. That is all stuff from so ymmv.

    I'm going to be getting another one for my Beretta M92FS. I usually carry it in a Fobus and used to carry it in an Uncle Mikes. I don't particulary like either of these holsters. The Uncle mikes came apart one dark night and I spent 2 hours on my hands an knees feeling through a friggin swamp till I found it. The fobus is just kinda flimsy and has come off my belt after some very intense atv riding through the woods. Pistol lanyards are your friend. :D Just make sure you get a good one that has a breaking strength of about 85lbs listed. Just trust me on that one.

  3. tony218

    tony218 New Member

    i have one i use every day i carry my
    s&w m&p 9mm i love it
    the retetion devise takes some practice
    but it is a very positive lock on the gun.
    if you are anywhere near the southside
    of atlanta pm me and we can get together
    and you can check out the holster.
    i'm off on sun-mon- and tues.
    i'll be home at 7:45pm wed-sat.

    sorry, i just noticed your location.
    i went into this holster blind (nobody i knew had one)
    turns out this is a great holster i love the fit and ease
    of putting it on (if you use the paddle attachment)
    it was a big investment that i'm glad i made.
    i'll pm you my phone # if you have any ?'s
  4. maddog

    maddog Guest

    I also have one for my G17, I also like it and its being locked into holster. The release is very convienient and easy to release when desired.
  5. tony218

    tony218 New Member

    i like the very audible "CLICK" when you re-holster
  6. maddog

    maddog Guest

    Yes almost as sweet a sound as racking the slide ... :lol:
  7. tony218

    tony218 New Member


    amen, brother
  8. tj2000

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    Sweet Jesus, the sweet sound of serpa!!!!

    I bought one the first of this year at Brigade Quartermaster for my Kimber Warrior and it did take some getting used to. It works quite slick when it comes to the release by depressing the button on the side. I have not tried the paddle configuration on it yet, because I'm kinda over the top of my belt right now and it looks funny with the gun handle point away from my waist at a 45 degree angle. It is pretty nice to know that when you hear that audible click that it is locked in until you need it.
    I would recommend you practice from the draw so it will be smooth on the release of the lock before you carry it the first time.
    I would rate it a 4 1/2 out of five stars though.
    \:D/ \:D/
    Take care,
  9. legacy38

    legacy38 Well-Known Member

    There seem to be a lot of people that like them. They have been banned at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center after several a few students had NDs when drawing from them. It seems they kept tension on their trigger finger when drawing and it slid right onto the trigger, and the gun did exactly what it was designed to do when the trigger is pulled (operator error I know). According to the GPSTC staff at least one other facility in another state has also banned them due to similar incidents, and I have seen incidents mentioned on a few forums.

    The only ohter concern I have seen with them is the suggestion that debris could get in the release during a ground fight thus jamming the release and keeping the weapon from being drawn. I do not know of an actual occurance of this happeing though.