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Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by kestak, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. kestak

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    I just want to see if I am in the VERY dumb category of mishandling of a firearm.

    What was the biggest mistake you made with the handling of a firearm?

    Thank you
    P.S.: I am not ready to to say what I did yet. Quite of ashamed by my stupidity.
  2. ber950

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    Don't ask. Don't Tell

  3. ptsmith24

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    :shock: what happened?

    As for me, I don't recall any mishandling...
  4. GunNut

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    Usually handing a firearm is the mistake...once I hold it, I want it. :D
  5. Thorsen

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    Its embarressing, but I once had a negligent discharge. I was discussing firearm safety with a cousin of mine who had never been exposed to firearms and was using a revolver as an instructional tool. I had shown her how to visually check a firearm and had already discussed the "biggies" of never pointing it at an object you did not want to shoot and never putting your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire.

    Somehow, while I was talking to her and answering some of her questions I must have automatically used the speed loader to reload the firearm. I did this completely on rote muscle memory and did not consciously load the firearm.

    She then asked me some question regarding double action and to show her what I was talking about I pointed the firearm at my floor, at an angle, and pulled the trigger. Now I had a nice hole at the junction of my living room wall and floor, a concerned wife (who came running in from another room), panicked housecats and an almost hysterical cousin.

    I have since added an additional rule to my handling of firearms. If at any point after unloading the weapon I engage in any activity or conversation, even if the weapon has not left my hand, I recheck the weapon for ammunition before putting my finger on the trigger.

    This is an extremely embarressing story for me to relate, but if it helps someone else be more cautious in handling a firearm it is worth it to me.
  6. pro2am

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    I've never had a ND. Thanks for sharing that. I"m sure it was quite eye opening for many.

    So far, the worst that I can think of is sweeping the muzzle across a couple folks at the back of the range. I put the muzzle down as soon as I realized it.

    I also went target shooting (out in the woods) with my dad's 30.06 without ANY safety gear. My ears were ringing for days.
  7. Taler

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    Many years ago, while dove hunting, a snake crawled across my boot. In my haste to get away from it, I managed to sweep my hunting companions with the barrel of my shotgun. The safety was on, and trigger discipline observed, but still...

    I don't like snakes, though obviously, my fright was no excuse.
  8. ber950

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    Your supposed to wear hearing protection :?: I had no clue what that was coming up. eh what did you say :?: :oldtimer:
  9. VolGrad

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    Good thing you didn't open fire on your foot.
  10. Taler

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    Yeah, I reckon.
  11. Guest

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    Steel Toes are your friend.
  12. Fallschirmjäger

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    This isn't mine, but a friend's and I was kinda involved.....

    A friend of mine and I were working in Mobile, Alabama and stayed at the hotel across from the Battleship Memorial. As it was a weekend, we were about to head off to the shooting range we had seen earlier in the week. I was taking a Glock 17 and he wanted to show off his S&W M29 in .44 Magnum.

    He came down to my side of the hotel, gun rug in hand as I was finishing up playing a FPS game on my laptop. I saw him take out the pistol, pickup 6 shells and carefully place them in his pocket. Just as I was about to kill the head badguy a tremendous !BOOM! erupts, echoing in the room. I whirled around to see a shocked expression on his face and I could see his thought process - "But...but.. I put the shells in my pocket!!, I know I did!"

    What he Hadn't done was open the cylinder and check the chambers, it was fully loaded. We looked at the gouge in the ceiling and the gouge on the wall. "You think anyone heard that?" he said in a whisper. Actually he said it kind of loudly, since we were both a bit deaf at the time. We opened the windows and tried to air out the room, at any moment expecting Someone to pound on the door demanding to know "What in the Blazing Saddles Is Going On In There?"

    After five tense minutes, we cracked the door open just enough to slip a Do Not Disturb tag on the door handle. After ten minutes spent fruitlessly searching for the bullet, we ventured to open the door and start evasion procedures, and just as we both stepped out there was the maid. We froze, echanging guilty glances. "Would you boys like your room done now?"
    "Umm... no Ma'am, my girlfriend's sleeping late, and she'd probably appreciate it if we just left her until tomorrow"

    On the way to the range, we discussed why no one had come knocking on the door, or made a report to the authorities. We came to the conclusion that since the sound was so short, and so sharp, people that heard it just asked themselves "Was that a gun shot? Did you hear that?" and waited to have their suspicions confirmed by some other noise.

    The range was uneventful and when we snuck back inside the hotel no one even looked twice, much to our shared relief.

    ...and that friends and neighbors is how "Boomer" got his nickname. Carl, if you're reading this, sorry man, but da people got's ta know.
  13. Tinkerhell

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    I had an ND in my bedroom one day when I was a teenager.
    Prior to having any real gun handling skills and while certainly still young & dumb. I accidentally fired a round out of an old colt .25 auto that I had. Punched a tiny little hole through the paneling, insulation & the exterior wall board & siding. No one ever found out about it but I was quite embarassed just the same. I never "played" with firearms after that and havn't had any similar ND's again.
  14. gunsmoker

    gunsmoker Lawyer and Gun Activist

    ND in Bedroom

    Loading an M1911 A1 clone, getting ready to carry it. It had been stored totally empty. Put in a mag and chambered a round. Went to lower the hammer on the live round, because at that time I preferred to carry in condition two. I was sloppy and didn't remove my hand from the grip safety after getting the sear disengaged and the hammer moving down. Halfway down the hammer slipped. It fired. I was aiming it down at my bed. So I ended up with a hole thru the mattress, box spring, and a gouge in the floor. The noise didn't seem especially loud at the time, but my ears started ringing a few minutes later.
  15. tace

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    I have heard many NDs happen when ppl are trying to decock a pistol. Hence I am very paranoid about that whole process.

    No NDs so far for me, TG.
  16. Sine Nomen

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    Yeah, that's me too
  17. LonelyMachines

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    I was lecturing some students about the dangers of civilian gun ownership. I handed my Glock 40 to my assistant to unload for me, and when he gave it back to me, I assumed it was safe.

    As I was telling the children that I was "the only one in this room professional to carry this Glock 40," the gun magically discharged itself into my leg with no error on my part whatsoever. It must have loaded itself, I swear.

    Sorry. 8) Actually, I've been fortunate not to have had an ND...YET. Statistically, we're all due one sooner or later, but I do my best to make sure I beat that curve out.
  18. pro2am

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    I got that far when the tears from laughing made me stop. That was a helluva thing to admit to in an open forum.

    Sorry...I don't know what came over me...I thought it was really funny.

  19. Rammstein

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    He kept racking the slide to make sure it was empty when BOOM the tube sock exploded. 8) :D