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Reloading Classes

“Sign Up In-Store Todayâ€

Receive a free Lyman’s 48th Edition Reloading Handbook.
$20.00 value

Classes will be held on Sunday mornings from 9am to 11am.

We will require a “five person minimum†for each class.
Classes will be scheduled after we have at least five people signed up.

Classes will cover the following:
• Hand loading Safety
• Resizing casings
• Priming casings
• Charging casings
• Seating the bullets

This class will be Hands-On, you will be reloading by the end of the class.
Receive 10% off all reloading equipment the day of the class.

$75.00 per person
“Sign Up Todayâ€

Big Woods Goods
2228 Holly Springs Pkwy
Canton, GA 30115

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Sorry I'm going to be out of town for the next 2 weeks, working in Chicago. Yup my corp office couldnt find anyone else to go, ... had to be me... yup. :x When I get back I will sign up. Looks like fun.
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