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    I went into the big lots on goldmine road in yorkville to get some things and walked up to get checked out. There was a guy at the cashier getting checked out and there was a guy standing 15 feet off to the right with bags in hand looking at the cashier. I thought it was a little strange to be standing that far away so I asked if he was in line and he said he was. I went behind him and saw the guy getting checked out was OC'ng a glock of some sort. I said "why are you standing all the way back here....that thing isn't going to go off" He didn't look at me and said "Ohh I know that". I forgot to get batteries and went and got them and resumed my place behind him. He turned around and said "I'll bet it would go off if somebody stepped on his toes" I laughed all the way home. I was CC all the time.
    I forgot all about this part of the forum.
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    You should have mentioned you had one too but you toes have a safe/fire position on them. And those were standard requirements with Ga carry permits.