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Discussion in 'In the News' started by foshizzle, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. foshizzle

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    Looks like Big Brother is indeed alive and well in the UK.


    Look at the website on the poster. Makes me think it's real The "safety" sections talks about CCTV and preventing "anti-social behaviour" on public transit.
  2. gunsmoker

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    If there were a real live cop on every street corner in London, would people complain? Certainly about the taxes such an expensive security program would require, but would they enjoy having a police officer always nearby? I think so. People would feel safe.

    So what's the difference between a real cop and a video camera? Other than cost and the amount of room one takes up on the bus, that is?

    What is it about the "Watchful Eye" of Big Brother that makes it so spooky? Why is having a lot of police supervision of public areas such a controversial idea?

    Is it because unlike a real human being who will not remember most mundane details of people's lives, and who will only remember important events, a video surveillance system will (or can) record and permanently save the data, to be used much later?

    Is it because unlike a live cop who can renter aid immediately, these cameras can only be used to have a cop dispatched to check out something, and that cop won't arrive to help for some time? Yet your loss of privacy is immediate.

    Is it because everyone knows when a real police officer is standing there, but it's harder to notice small cameras and microphones, even when they are not intentionally "hidden?"

  3. Rammstein

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    gunsmoker, is your opinion that having every part of the public sector recorded by governmental agencies is a good thing?
  4. Malum Prohibitum

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    I don't like having cameras everywhere, either.

    And I already complain there are too many police.
  5. merlock

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    Aren't all the cameras and police good for the children?
  6. Macktee

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    Merlock I love it!

    Apparently, I'm not the only who's noticed when some people want to control the actions of other people, they always claim they're doing it "for the children"...!
  7. Tinkerhell

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    Re: security

    Becuase people can usually see the cop. They wil act differently when he/she is there. You won't always know if a camera or mic is around.
    You say & do things differntly when being watched.

    I'm mean come on, most of us wouldn't bounce around in the backseat of a car with the girlfriend behind the local mall if we knew there was a cop standing at the backdoor watching, now would we (ok some of you pervs might but...). We get all upset if we do that and then the next week the kid in the security office of the mall has posted the security cam clip of our fanny bobbing in the air on youtube...
  8. Gunstar1

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    I saw a news report a year or so ago that said london had installed so many cameras that it lacked the manpower to watch them all.

    So the real result was that now the cops that used to be on the street patroling and providing a faster response because the were in the area, are now in small buildings watching 30+ camera feeds on 6-10 monitors which only record the crime and not stop it.

    The up side? Video proof of a crime... unless it took place around the corner where the camera can't see.

    The down side? High cost of equipment and maintence. LESS cops to patrol because they are watching monitors. Often longer delays before a cop can respond.