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Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Phil1979, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Phil1979

    Phil1979 Member Georgia Carry

    I've noticed that on paved public bike trails there's the occasional speed demon that flies by who sometimes passes too close and does not give any warning.

    I had one biker recently pass me, who came very close to hitting me, because the rider was squeezing between me and a pedestrian opposite me.

    Could one legally affix a brightly colored flag to the left of one's bike to help keep them at a safe distance? Perhaps one that sticks out about 24 inches?
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  2. Dawgdoc

    Dawgdoc Well-Known Member

    I don't know why it would be illegal. I've seen bicyclists in the Chickamauga Battlefield use such flags that stick out further to keep cars from passing too close.

  3. Glockenator

    Glockenator Active Member

    I agree about there probably being no laws against such a flag.

    What really pisses me off is when someone does that to me while on a singletrack mountain biking trail, but that rarely happens - not that I am a fast rider, but there are far fewer people on singletrack trails. Those are about the only places I ride now (because I hate riding around other people), but it would piss me off too if the OP scenario happened to me.
  4. janedoedad

    janedoedad Liver Abuser

    The will work out great until you have swerve left to avoid something and strike someone with your new toy.

    Slow traffic - Keep Right.
  5. Fallschirmjäger

    Fallschirmjäger I watch the watchers

    I don't see anywhere in Title 40 where you may not attach a flag to a bicycle, even one that reminds drivers that they are required by law to provide a 3' safety zone when passing a bicycle.
  6. gunsmoker

    gunsmoker Lawyer and Gun Activist


    There is probably increased risk of being found negligent, and liable, for injuries if somebody trips over your flag / stick/ rod or pokes themselves with it on a close pass to you.

    Just because some action is not specifically declared to be a crime doesn't mean it can't be a TORT-- a civil wrong to sue over.
  7. Fallschirmjäger

    Fallschirmjäger I watch the watchers

    I'd have to wonder how many juries (or impartial judges) would think it negligent to remind a driver of the legally required safe passing distance with a bit of nylon suspended from a flexible nylon rod?

    A toothed metal wheel designed to shred tires like on James Bond's Aston Martin maybe, but I'd have my doubts about a bit of fabric. Much more likely to damage a vehicle with the metal already in the bike, no?

    If a business puts out a 'Wet Floor' warning sign and someone trips over the bright yellow sign, is/was the business negligent for putting the sign up?
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  8. Phil1979

    Phil1979 Member Georgia Carry

    Yes, I was slow traffic and I was keeping right when the speed demon almost got me.

    Also, I generally do not suddenly swerve. I look far enough ahead to go even slower to avoid sudden moves.

    And, my new "toy" will not have anything in it that can "strike", unless it's fabric and a flexible rod. The only one "striking" it at a fast speed will be the other guy.

  9. codegeek

    codegeek codegeek reincarnate

    I have to agree. Adding a flag like that to your bike is asking for trouble. If I am passing someone on the trail, and no one else is around, and you are staying to the right like you should be, then I may or may not say on your left. I agree that courtesy dictates that I should. Sometimes it's quiet, and you are obviously in control of your vehicle, so I don't think it's necessary.