Beware the Cruelness of The Sphincter People

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    and this is the kind of gun that kids shoot each other with all the time, for fun. If they wear protective eyewear, it's safe. Airsoft or "softair" battles are a sport.
    Airsoft guns are not weapons. They're toys.
    The punishment for bringing a toy gun to school should be that it gets confiscated and maybe returned to the parents, and the kid should have to study the rules of conduct at school and take a test on those rules a week later.

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    Good to see that zero tolerance thing is working out and keeping everyone safe.. :sly:
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    Who here remembers the Gen 1 Transformers? Megatron was a pistol with a suppressor, scope, and stock. I loved mine. In the second or third grade, one of my teachers took it from me because I brought a TOY into class. No mention of a weapon at all. I got a disapproving look and finger wagging, and then I got my toy back at the end of the day with explicit instructions not to bring it back to school or my parents would have to come to get it back the second time. The original Gen 1 Megatron also did shoot plastic projectiles, similar to "modern" Airsoft. We live in a different world than we had 25 years ago, and I mourn that loss.