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Beth Pollard (R) is running against Doug Stoner (D) for Georgia Senate. I just had a long conversation with her on several issues. Guns being my (and this boards) main issue had to be the front runner of the conversation. Of the things she would like to see would be training kids for gun safety. Another is a tax credit for parents who would purchase gun locks. I know I almost laughed at this one too. She seemed surprised to learn that new firearms come with locks. She also brought up ammo sales restrictions and elaborated on this by saying she didn't believe children should be able to walk into WalMart and purchase ammo. I didn't know they could so maybe there is some other reason behind her statements. Either way I was not very receptive to this since when I was 6 I could go to the hardware store and buy ammo for my rifle and never had an issue.

Bottom line is she seems to be (at least while trying to get votes) to be interested in working with me on some of the problems I have with the current gun laws. She did NOT seem receptive to the idea that having constitutional carry in Georgia was a good idea. At least she discussed the issue with me instead of ignoring me like Doug Stoner has done for years.

If you live in Senate distric 6 (or even if you don't) you might give her a call and express your concerns with Georgia's gun laws.

Her number is 770-437-0380
Her web site is
Her email address is [email protected]
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