best place to get ammo near Sandy Springs?

Discussion in 'Ammo' started by Suprman, Oct 13, 2010.

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    So i was at Sandy Springs gun club and range using my new membership, and after breaking in the g/f's M&P9C, i wanted to pick up some defense ammo for it, they only had one kind called hornary(we bought a 20 pack), i prefer Speer gold dots (had 40, but no 9mm) or Federal HST's (didn't carry them).

    went to 2 sports shops, who didn't cary any ammo or anything relating to guns and then went to walmart and picked up a couple hundred round of WWB for target plinking, but they hardly had anything else.

    when i was closer to lawrenceville, bullseyes always had a good selection and almost everything i needed (even 20 ga ammo and 380!) anyways i'm sure SSGC&R will start carrying more when they get up and going more or atleast i hope.

    anyone have any places near sandy springs that carry a good selection of ammo, or are we going through another shortage?
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    David's Gun Room on Buford Hwy will have a better selection and they're pretty close, but really if you want closer to complete selection you're going to have to drive a ways.

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    thanks, yeah i guess i hit the only 2 places relative close SSGC&R and the dunwoody Walmart. I'll try Davd's next time i'm out that way.

    where are some of the places that i'll have to drive a ways to get to?
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    400 Jewelry and Loan in Dawsonville.