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Discussion in 'Ranges, Dealers & Smiths' started by AtlantaCCW, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. AtlantaCCW

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    I will like to get some feedback on what is the best gunshow in Atlanta? If there is any. I mostly buy everything online but I'll like to attend a gun show(s) to buy/sell/trade and even meet folks.

    I live by the camp creek/airport area is there any good gun shops or ranges?

    God Bless America
  2. ga_trucklvr

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    I have only been to a GunRunners show (at the Farmers Market) and an RK show at the Exhibiton Center on the southside on Jonesboro Rd. While I found them both interesting, there were no real deals there. You can find as good, or better, prices on-line or in local gun shops.

  3. YZ#58

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    Of the only 4 or 5 shows that I have been to now, the RK show in Jonesboro seemed to be the best. Lost's of vendors, and plenty of room. The one at the Farmers Market was extremely crowded.

    As far as prices, last summer, I thought I got a real good deal on a new Ruger LCP, for $280. I think I got it from Cherokee Gun and Pawn(??). I did see one for $275 at the Farmers Market on New Years day. So good deals are hit and miss.
  4. samurai

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    As far as number of tables, Eastman at North Atlanta Trade Center off of 85N and RK at Atlanta Expo off of Jonesboro Rd. and 285. Usually better gun deals (if you can call them that) at RK shows and better reloading supplies at Eastman IMHO.
  5. SongDogSniper

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    Because of Matt Eastman's attitude, I haven't patronized Eastman gun shows for years. Besides, the RK Gun Show at the ATL Expo Center in Jonesboro is much larger and more enjoyable for me. While I don't regularly attend gun shows, when I want to just "look around" at many vendors by traveling to one location, the RK show in Jonesboro is the only one I bother with.
  6. broomhandle

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    Hi Sir,

    I like the RK shows better too! Eastman (it is said) trys to control prices at his shows.
    Personally I have got better deals at RK shows,for new or old firearms, parts & reloading equipment.
    The last three Eastman shows at the NATC hve been busts for me & the fellows I went with.
    Again in my case, the shows at the fair grounds & farmers market could have been missed with no loss of sleep.

    Best to all,
  7. elandil

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    Actually, one of the vendors summed it up nicely yesterday when I was talking to him.

    He said of the Eastman shows "They have went from being a Gun Show to being more like a Flea Market with Guns." I have to agree with him. Lots of accessories, junk, blades, and airsoft. Low on actual gun vendors.

    Frankly, after the two shows I've worked recently, I'm looking forward to working the Cartersville show coming up in Feb, because it's a RK show. I've never been to a RK, and i'm interested in seeing how it does.
  8. Swamper

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    I also vote for the RK shows. It appears to me that there are more "guns" and guns related items than other goodies.

  9. 1str8shot

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    eastman has made me despise gun shows.