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Bernie Guy Buys a Gat

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I'm glad this is getting debated like this on the "left" side.


"Bernie guy" in show "startled" the host by being a member of NRA.

Mike said that he’s been using guns since he was a small child and that his grandparents owned guns in the Deep South to help fight against threats from the Klan. He even admitted he’s a member of the National Rifle Association.

“I don’t know how you can justify being a member of the NRA,†Kasher said in a startled voice.

“Why wouldn’t I?†Killer Mike responded. “I believe that anything a bunch of old rich white men are a part of that I can be, I want.â€
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Chris Cheng, another Pink Pistols member, shocked Kasher by saying that gun owners are more tolerant of him being gay than the gay community is of him being a firearms advocate.
Is that the same Chris Cheng that won a season of Top Shot?
Some other discussions he has had about the subject.
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