Ben L. Saloman - The Army Dentist who Killed 98 Enemy Soldiers Single-Handedly

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    Great post, thanks!

    And the conclusions of the morons in the Army at the time are inexcusable.

    "Apparently, the Geneva Convention had a rule against medical officers bearing arms against the enemy (yes, it does), and, at least according to General George W. Griner in 1945, Salomon had violated this rule, and, therefore, could not receive the award.
    Appalled, the 27th Division’s historian, Captain Edmund G. Love, began a more than 50-year quest to right this wrong – and he began by properly analyzing the Geneva Convention rule, as well as the facts of the situation.
    The rule actually provided that medical personnel couldn’t use weapons “for offensive purposes,†but they could for self-defense – which is what Salomon had done."