Beef With Burger King Manager Gets Teen Shot

Discussion in 'In the News' started by GAGunOwner, Nov 13, 2006.

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    First, it says he is spit upon, and then he kills the boy.

    Then, it says the manager was injured, and I cannot imagine it was a "spittle-injury."

    There is really not enough info to determine whether it is murder or self defense or something in between.

  3. moga

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    Man, talking about a glaring omission!

    Check out the two competing versions of the events at hand:

    victim armed only with spit

    suspect HAD a gun

    I sure don't consider the diet version of the story an accident. And I also picked up on the same curious mention of the shooter being injured and wondered "damn, did he shoot himself in the process of firing his weapon or did the kid have a gun too?"
  4. Malum Prohibitum

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    The "injury" was a GUT SHOT by the attacker. :shock:

    I guess that is just a teeny-tiny omission. Spit upon, shot through the abdomen, is there a difference?

  5. Malum Prohibitum

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    A friend, Evans Small, 24, said Walcott "really wasn't a troublemaker."

    "But sometimes we get involved in things beyond our control," Small said.


    Yeah. :|

    We all know how these things are just "beyond" one's control. You know, you show up at closing time and they do not let you in to order a burger, so, it gets "out of control." Right? You come back two weeks later and shoot the manager who turned you away in the gut and spit in his face! You know, that kind of beyond one's control.



    He just got "involved in a thing beyond his control." He really is not a troublemaker.

    I wonder what troublemakers must be like in their neighborhood . . .
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    Remember, too, that "he's not a bad kid, he just got in with the wrong group." That's my personal favorite line on the evening news after your nephew (his father is no where to be found and his mother too distraught) has just gunned down several innocent people.
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    Media Distortions

    I have read several cases of two guys arguing over who gets that one prime parking space at the mall, and one of them ends up killing the other. The headline in the newspaper always says "Man Killed Over Parking Space." Then the article goes on to list other details, like the deceased having pulled a knife, tire iron, etc. and swung it at the other guy just before the other guy shot him. A few times the deceased had assaulted the other motorist with his bare hands, trying to strangle the guy behind the wheel of his own car by reaching through the open window.
    But the headline never says "Thug Killed While Attacking Motorist."
  8. Malum Prohibitum

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    Re: Media Distortions

    Well that is because the "thug" was really not a troublemaker and got involved in things beyond his control. How insensitive of you not to understand this.
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    Yeah, a "thug" is someone who repeatedly lets situations get beyond their control.

    So if it is the first time someone is attacking you or choking you, just do as they say to do in England and run away or ball up on the ground. That way when the police arrive they will know who the agressor was.

    I plan to ball up on the ground if attacked. I just hope my firearm doesn't do something crazy like jump out of my waistband and shoot my attacker 2-3 times in their center-of-mass.
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    god forbid,the press then could say that the evil gun killed him,for it was beond your control :roll: