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That you are able to protect you home and loved ones with a firearm.

DW and I just got back from Aruba yesterday. Went down with two other couples for a week getaway from the madness that is everyday life. We normally rent a house with these other couples (it's a yearly trip to a new place each year). Anyway, the house we rented was in a "very good neighborhood" (where similar houses sell for well over $1M USD) but was told to be sure to lock the doors and use the alarm "just in case." Anyway, on the first night there, someone attempted to break into the house around 4:30 AM (with two rental cars in the driveway). Initially I thought it was one of the other couples who may have been outside for whatever reason, but when I went to open the door, the perp made a beeline into the darkness. Later on, we talked to the security patrol and the local police who both said that around that area of the island, crime (especially B&Es) is very bad and it happens almost on a daily basis. For the rest of our stay, I felt quite vulnerable since I had no good way to protect was quite disconcerting.

Just knowing that I have a small arsenal around the house is quite a comfort. Needless to say, we will not be returning to Aruba. And for the record...if you would like to visit, I do NOT recommend staying anywhere on the North side of the island (Malmok beach area). It looks nice, but it is a haven for property crimes.
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