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I see there are a heap of instructors and places that offer courses on basic handgun use, safety, etc., but I don't see anything close by. Is there by chance any of you who have knowledge of an individual or group / organization that offers classes or some kind of instruction? I'd prefer it to be in the AGS local area, but I'd not have too much problem driving 40 or 50 miles to one. I guess I can ask at the local gun shops and sporting goods stores, but since this is here, I wanted to ask.

Shot 100 rds of that reman ammo today, and I don't particularly like it. First time I've shot 180 gr. stuff, and there seems to be a big difference between it and the 165 gr. target rounds I've been shooting. Could be just me as well...

I did look up the manufacturer of the ammo, and they appear to be a reputable business. Got a decent website, and it appears that anyone can purchase from them. Lots of different products too. if any of you want to look-see.
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