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Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by jrm, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. jrm

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    In today's AJC, there's an article about former Atlanta mayor Bill Campbell, and his upcoming prison sentence. The article describes the prison as minimum security and makes a point of saying (as have previous articles on the topic) that the prison has no barbed wire. Accompanying the article is a nice color photograph of the prison, featuring what in the foreground appears to me to be 4 or 5 vertical layers of, yep, barbed wire. Do they bother to compare the pictures with the article?
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    a dime against a dollar they don't....just whatever is in their photo bin.
    You figure in this day and age, it would be no problem to get the right photo.
    probably a white collar fed country club prison in Florida.
    " Shall we meet at 4 for happy hour at the gaurdhouse lounge ?" LOL...
    In Canada, thats not far from the truth.

  3. jrm

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    I'm guessing that the photo is correct and the article is wrong, but who knows.
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    Yeah, a couple of weeks ago their was a story about a man in another state that brought a gun to a church. He had the safety on and while hugging some woman, the gun went off and flew from where it was and almost hit the girl he was hugging in the forhead.

    The picture it showed was a revolver.

    There were so many things wrong with the story and picture that you just know something other than what was reported, was what really happened.
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    Maybe it's a case of Correctional Institute "Newspeak." They phased out "barbed wire" but replaced it with "Corrections Security Wire" or "Transdermal Pressure-activated Escape Deterrent Wire."

    Besides, why pay 20 cents per foot for plain old "barbed wire" which is 19th-century technology when you can instead blow a bunch of taxpayer money on $1.79 per foot of this high-tech "Twisted Security Wire W/ Embedded Passive Climb Deterrent Units"
  6. jrm

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    gunsmoker, I thought of something like that. You can't really tell from the picture, but it may be that the wire is not the traditional barbed stuff that keeps the cows in the pasture, but the razor wire or concertina wire (what is the difference, by the way?) that is more commonly used to keep people in the pasture.