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You know, every day I wake up for work tired as hell, leave work tired as well... A young person like me keeps "hoping" for 'the american dream." I figure one day I could start a small buisness if I save up enough in a few years, but then all I have to do is look on our "leaders" and I swear my dreams look that much harder to reach... now our "leader" is pleaing for you to "fight for it."

Fight for what? More taxes for more big government to stamp out our liberties, more "stimilus," more welfare state supporting able bodied bums who rather get fat and for you to pay for their healthcare, more banker bailouts, more questionable conflicts around the world that make certain people richer while everyone else dies or losses loved ones... you have to wander who would believe in this trash any more unless they're ignorant?

If this county does not make a DRASTIC 180 turn, I think we could see another revolution take place... just look up the french revolution, take some poor starving people in the cold, mix that with the "let them eat cake" mentality from the "leadership"
and watch the mess playout, I think it's gona be like a bad movie but you can't leave.
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