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Household citizens were bewildered and annoyed as they awoke this morning to a mysterious new art installation that had appeared in the kitchen under the cover of darkness.

Many wondered if this could be the work of the elusive Banksy, but it soon became apparent by the chagrined nature of the true artist that the work was indeed hers. Though at first reluctant to accept responsibility, when confronted the artist grudgingly claimed the work as her own and declared herself Poopsie. Making a point to distinguish the moniker as entirely original with the use of ie versus y.

On further inquiry Poopsie declared the work was entitled "Ooh, Chocolate!" and created in the mediums of chocolate oat trail mix and dark chocolate covered boysenberries. Poopsie stated she found this new medium very rewarding and that hopefully this would not be her last time to work with it.

Poopsie also wanted to give a shout out to her partner in life and "crime", Mr. Bill D. Kat, for his assistance in providing access to the mediums that made this possible and for always supporting her dreams and aspirations. He truly is the wind beneath my wings, she stated.


The artist, Poopsie!

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