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wsweeks2 said:
So an old classmate of mine tracked me down. I found the following on his online blog. It's a bit dated, but it really scares me that people who vote feel this way:

Thursday, March 15, 2007

FBI vs The Patriot Act

Earlier this week, the F.B.I. was accused of innapropriately using the Patriot Act to listen to U.S. citizen's phone calls. So what! I don't think they should need an act of Congress to listen to our phone calls anyway, much less a judges order along with the act. First off, the act was enacted to protect our country from domestic terrorism, to keep us safe and prevent future attacks. If they happened to bend the rules a bit or skip a few steps before they started listening in, oh well, it was for the good of the nation. Same way that if you break someone's ribs while trying to revive them with CPR, your not liable because of the good samaritan law. The F.B.I. is trying to save our collective lives and if they break a few ribs along the way, so be it.

The way I see it, there are three type of people who are bothered by the mere fact that our government is allowed to listen to our phone calls. First, egomaniacs. People that think they are so important and everything they do is so private that it would be a sheer violation to invade their privacy by listening to them. Guess what, you not that important, nor does the government care what you and your business buddies or fellow housewives are discussing. Second, are paranoid government conspiracists that think the government is out to get them and will do everything possible to bring them down. We all know that these people are crazy and not given any further consideration. Now lastly and the only people with a viable gripe are the people who are actually planning on some type of act of violence against our country. They can take that grip and shove it, because if they are that concerned about their rights being violated they shouldn't be planning on breaking the law in the first place. When they get caught they'll just lose those rights anyway, so it's apparent they respect them and can only use them as a defense to avoid prosecution.

In short, who cares what measures we use to protect our country, be happy your free and that we have a strong enough country to keep us all safe. The next time something does happen on our turf, the same people crying about their privacy being invaded will be the same ones complaining that the government does nothing to protect us. Just let the people in the business of protecting us do their job and leave it alone.
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