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I will be the guest on Ballistic Radio on Sunday 7PM. We will be discussing the differences between the Skokie and Garland shootings.

John will be following up with a Ballistic Radio luncheon on Monday. Here's his announcement on Facebook.

SWAG will be T-shirts, etc. I will give away a few of my Snub DVDs also.

Ballistic Radio

ATLANTA, I will be in you Monday!
Come join Claude Werner and me at 1:30 PM EST when we shall celebrate our love of furthering the education of the self-defense community by sacrificing many tasty animals to the sacred elder god Bar Bee Cue. After these animals have appeased Bar Bee Cue we shall partake of their flesh to slake our warrior hunger...
Unless salad is your thing, in which case, good on you for making healthy choices.
While supplies last I'll be giving away shirts, stickers, etc... Just for showing up.
Food, Friendship, Free SWAG.
Bonelick BBQ
1133 huff rd.
NW Atlanta
Monday May 11th, 1:30 PM.
Everyone who likes guns and can be civil.

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:righton: Had a good time. Thanks Claude!
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