Bad Guys win, Good Guy Dead

Discussion in 'In the News' started by gunsmoker, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Here's a short cut-and-paste from today's, about a jury failing to convict a murderer and armed robber. The good guy was the owner of a liquor store. Bad guys followed him home late one night and tried to rob them in his own driveway. He pulled a gun in self-defense. Shots were exchanged, and both sides scored hits. The bad guy lived and got away with a leg wound. The good guy died. Now the jury has failed to convict one of the attackers, despite his being shot in the leg and despite a positive in-court ID by the victim's wife, an eyewitness.

    " When they [the business owners, the victim and his wife] pulled into their driveway on Deer Lake Trail about 1 a.m., at least two armed men in a black SUV blocked the car, according to a family friend. Police said Tucker pulled a gun from under his seat and fired. At least one of the gunmen returned fire, hitting Tucker, police said.

    Police arrested Battles...."

    Okay, so much for the theory that you're always better off with a gun, and the correct response to any threat is to immediately pull your weapon and start shooting.
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    The DA must absolutely suck or else they were lucky enough to get one of those famous Atlanta juries. The defendant was shot by the deceased! The defendant claimed it was a self-inflicted wound. That's a little bit more than circumstantial evidence! Unbelievable!!

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    What a surprise....thats justice for you these days.Heck,look at the Brian Nichols case...he's innocent too or so he claims.
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    to bad shot placement on the BG wasnt better. This wouldnt have been an issue at this point.
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    I can only assume the bullet was a through-and-through and not recovered or was too badly deformed to be linked to the good guy's gun. All I can say is that at least it's a mistrial instead of a not guilty verdict.