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Backorder! AAAAHHHHHH!

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I ordered a Galco paddle holster from Monday night and when I get home today I check my email expecing to find a email saying it's been shipped after four days of waiting.

I got an email from them, however, it's to tell me that the current product is on backorder and they will send me another email when they get it and ship it. :censored:

There was nothing through the entire process of me buying the thing that stated they didn't have it in stock. Only after they got my money did they send me an email saying that. FOUR DAYS LATER! Ugh.
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Wow. Usually LAPG is good about the backordered items in their system. It is possible that the system said one thing and the actual inventory showed otherwise. The joy of computers :roll:

It will be delivered soon. If you are lucky, it may be in time for Christmas (or whatever holiday of your choosing. . )
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