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Back From Drill

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I just got back from drill. Heck was it HOT out there!!! Luckily they let us stay indoors. I met a few good guys and got on the discussion of GFL and 2a rights as military personnel. Like me at first, they didn't know about the 16-11-130 exemption, they got GFLs like the rest of us. I steered them in the direction of the GCO and the GPDO forum. They seemed interested and eventually hope they join. I told them about the luncheon on the 18th. Hopefully more will join as the word gets out in my battalion.
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Ver interesting post, thanks for refering it.

My position on it is that the AG considers us a military branch of the state. We are on the same level as the GA Natl Guard. We are issued GA DoD IDs just like the Ga Natl Guard. Both the GANG and GSDF are the state military and are both voluntary. We don't get paid because we didn't sign a contract to be federalized. Ask any officer in the GSDF and they will say we are military. Funny the AG sign in writing that the GSDF is authorized to carry weapons when the need arrises but official policy is no weapon while in uniform. But because we are under the GA DoD we included in 16-11-130. Its a paradox for sure but its policy vs law.

but :ianal: and any input would be appreciated but in the meantime I am taking full advantage it. If its good for the GANG its good enough for all GA DoD.
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