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The rifle (w/ HK 1200 meter rear sight):

The ammunition:

The range:

10 rounds at 100 yds while standing and shooting offhand (no sling):

10 rounds at 200 yds while standing and bracing off of a post:

10 rounds at 300 yds while sitting cross-legged and resting support arm on one leg:

10 rounds at 400 yds off of a table while using a rest:

20 rounds at the steel silhouette at 400 yds off of a table while using a rest:

I got 16 out of 20, unless you count the first two shots that were low as sighters. In that case, I got 16 out of 18.

I came back to the 300 yd target and fired another 10 rounds; however, this time it was off of the table with a rest:

And I ended the day with 10 rounds at 50 yds. These were all snap-shots:

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good shooting.

I've shot 200 yards offhand several times before, and on my "good days" my groups are the size of a beach ball. On bad days, they're the size of a barn door.

Like you, I tend to want a more stable position for longer range shooting. I prefer prone to anything other than a sandbag rest across a bench.
But, in the real world the prone position isn't likely to work out, because of grass and vegetation blocking your view or the bullet's path, or just the lay of the land.

Of course, if you can get into the prone position and still see the target clearly, it's good to lay prone because it makes YOU a smaller target to incoming fire.
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