B-27 Targets at 50, 100, 200, 300, and 400 yds

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    The rifle is a PTR 91, GI model with an HK 1200 meter rear sight; the ammunition is German surplus.

    The 50 yd target line is to the right of the photo. The 100 yd line is the first one to the left. The 200 yd line is next, and then behind that is the 300 yd line. It’s hard to see (if at all) in the photo, but the 400 yd line is at the very back of the field.

    50 yds:
    I was trying to get away from the table (for a little bit anyway). I fired these shots offhand, while standing.

    100 yds:
    I was standing again, but bracing the rifle against a wooden post.

    200 yds:
    I was sitting crossed-leg on a shooting table, but I’m only flexible enough to rest one elbow on one knee.

    300 yds:
    I’m back at the table with my ammo box and air-soft BB sock now. To compensate for the difference between 300 yds and the 300 meter setting on the rear sight, I was aiming a little low.

    400 yds:
    This was shot from the table too. I over-compensated with the elevation at this distance. However, I still think that at least seven of the nine hits would be pretty debilitating.
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    The difference between a meter and a yard is only 10%.
    Not enough to try to "eyeball" compensate for.
    Good shooting, anyway.
    I need to try some distance shooting with a similar rifle; an M1a, M1 Garand, CETME, etc. Or a peep-sighted 03-A3 Springfield or 1917 Enfield.