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Authorities say home-invasion victims kill 1 suspect
April Hunt | Sentinel Staff Writer
8:08 AM EDT, June 21, 2007

The victims of a violent home invasion overnight turned the table on their attackers, killing one of the suspects, authorities said.

Three armed men stormed their way into the home at 2672 Muscatello St. in the Peppermill subdivision near Hunter's Creek at about midnight. As the suspects were ransacking the home, one of the gunmen fired into the hallway, scattering the five men and one woman who live in the house, said Orange County Sheriff's spokesman Jeff Williamson.

One of the men in the house ran into a closet and returned with a weapon of his own, Williamson said. He fired three shots, killing the gunman

The two remaining suspects ran off. It was unclear this morning if they were injured in the shooting.

It is the third time in a week that intended victims fought back against their attackers in Orange County.

Sunday morning, a man drew his concealed 9mm pistol, but did not fire, to escape a confrontation with two shotgun-wielding assailants in MetroWest.

Early Tuesday, a man grabbed for and eventually wrested away the 40-caliber handgun a carjacker used to hold him up. The gun discharged during the struggle, but no one was hurt.

A search team and K-9 unit were unable to find the other suspects in this morning's home invasion. Deputies did not find drugs in the house, and are unsure why the gunmen targeted the house.

An investigation is ongoing.

Check back for more updates

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*deep breath*

Yep. I can already tell there is a tiny bit more oxygen in the world now.
Yaaa for the home defenders.

The guy pulling a 9 against two scatterguns though... :shock: NOT a good situation to be in. But better than facing them without it for sure!
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