Augusta GA Gunshow Oct 9/10

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    This may or may not be a dumb question so forgive me if it is ... lol

    I'm taking my son to the gun show here in Augusta tomorrow. It will be the first time either one of us have ever been to a gun show so I don't really know what to expect. I'm guessing the same thing as a card show (baseball, football etc) where they'll just have a bunch of booths setup trying to sell stuff.

    This is good because I can't seem to find me a good left handed OC holster...

    But on to my question:

    Can I CC at the gun show? It's at the National Guard Armory which is what I assume a federal building. Does this limit carrying? Does it help any if I'm active duty military?

    Doing a search, it looks like you can carry to Rome, GA gunshow, but they zip tie your weapon upon entry. That was about the only thing I could find digging 3-4 pages back on searches...

    Also, are these things like a cash only basis or do a good majority of vendors have credit card accessibility?

    Thanks guys!
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    You cannot bring a loaded firearm to the show. Zip tied. But you can carry a magazine in your pocket :cantsay: