Atlanta Botanical Gardens - OC Today

Discussion in 'Citizens Encounters' started by Phil1979, Oct 12, 2014.

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    I originally calculated, based on the court date that got postponed, that they could take until March 2018 to issue a ruling. That was using a link that MP posted. I didn't take the time to recalculate, but I would assume it could be as late as March or later.
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    Prediction: We lose the battle but win the war.

    As has been suggested earlier in the thread, even if we win the battle and get the courts to actually believe the legislature meant what the plain language says, the Powers That Be (TM) will make sure it won't apply to NFL and MLB leaseholders. But it will take a legislative fix. Most likely it will be through some exception with crowd/building size like North Carolina does. However, any change in Georgia gun laws has to go through the Public Safety "gun" subcommittee that our friend Rick Jasperse heads up. Gee, I wonder what us "gun nuts" might trade for a "large event with screening" exception? I would gladly trade GWCL holders included in the OCGA 16-11-130 list but nothing short of that. Again, I am just blue-sky thinking. I got no inside track nor do I make stragety for GCO. I pay my dues, call\write when I need to, show up when I can, and am grateful for the results.

    Short term is if we win in court. I give it a 50/50 this time around. I suspect it will take one more rewrite by the legislature to craft language that even a judge can't twist around. Then we get a ruling that supports our rights that becomes a valuable token to trade.

    Don't expect we will get the right to OC in a MLB or NFL game. That ain't gonna happen for decades if ever. But we can make them provide real security, lockers, and get a lot of our rights back in return.

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    I thought the stadiums were doing screening based on being government buildings where meetings were held?
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    Apparently, it doesn’t matter what the legislator passes, it is how it actually gets codified.
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    Yep, code commission gets to write the law now as long as legislators sign off on it.
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    Code Revision Commission = Oops, let's change our mind on THAT law! We are such kidders!
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    So my wife and I are planning to visit the garden this afternoon. Are we good to conceal carry? Do they have a screening/detector to pass through?