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On facebook, sorry.

Here's the police description/report:

his message is from Chief of Police Scott Freeman in reference to last night's incident. Our thoughts continue to be with the family of the victim, Quintavia Wade. Monday afternoon, the ACCPD received a 911 call and officers responded to 1900 Summerbrook Circle in reference to a domestic disturbance where a person was armed with a gun. After dispatch, Officer Herron quickly arrived on scene. Upon his arrival, the suspect immediately shot a female that was involved in the situation. Officer Herron immediately fired multiple rounds at the suspect as he took tactical cover behind his patrol unit. Officer Denmark soon arrived at the scene and both officers waited for other officers to arrive. During this time, which unfolded extremely quickly, the suspect then shot himself in the head.
The female that was shot is deceased. The suspect himself suffered from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head and was transported to the hospital. He remains in intensive care.
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was called in to conduct the investigation into the officer-involved shooting, while the ACCPD will be handling the domestic violence incident/homicide.
I held a press conference from the scene and provided the information and facts as were known at the time. In keeping with the highest levels of transparency, the body camera footage of Officer Herron was released during that press conference. As I made it clear to the media, Officer Herron acted appropriately and did an outstanding job during this critical incident. Officer Herron's quick arrival and immediate actions potentially halted the suspect from further carnage in Columbia Brookside.
I, and the entire Leadership Team, stand firmly with Officer Herron and the other officers that were involved in this incident.
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