ATF Abandons Address Checks For Gun Show Buyers

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    ATF Abandons Address Checks for Gun Show Buyers

    Last Update:7/2/2007 10:30:09 PM
    Web Editor: Leah Johnson

    The Justice Department says the Bureau of
    Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives no longer routinely checks addresses of some buyers at gun shows after being accused of chilling sales at one show in Virginia two years ago.

    A 56-page report by the Justice Department's inspector general said the checks were part of
    ATF gun show investigations that appear to have been warranted.

    The so-called blanket residency checks sought to verify addresses for gun show buyers living in certain targeted areas. They were conducted mostly by agents from the agency's Washington
    field office.

    The ATF abandoned the checks five months after dealers at an August 2005 gun show in Richmond, Virginia, said sales plummeted
    from buyers being intimidated by police showing up at their homes.

    Associated Press
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    How nice of them. I'm sure there wasn't anyone behind them with a cattle prod. :roll:
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    Warranting closer inspection is one thing, following people home or getting there before hand asking those at home if they knew the person was at a gun show purchasing a gun, is another matter entirely.

    And I believe that 5 month gap was how long it took for congress to have a hearing into those "blanket residency checks" by the ATF (in other words if you lived in a certain area and purchased a gun at that gunshow, the police showed up at your door asking questions).