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    Damn telemarketer called last night to get me to sign up for their new bundled DSL/phone serviced. I was interested in the package so I listened to the pitch. I asked for a number to call the next day after I had made my decision and the azzhole told me that my order had already been placed. I told him to take the order off immediately and he hung up on me!

    Of course, all of their customer service lines are closed until later this morning. I hope the call really was recorded like the guy said it was.

    Bellsouth/AT&T/Cingular just lost all of the business I might have ever given them.

    Anyone have Comcast Digital Voice? How do you like it?
  2. Mafuta54

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    I have Vonage and like it alot!

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    They are required by federal law to 1) record the portion of the call during which you request to change service providers; or 2) conference in a third party organization whose function is to verify that you are requesting a change in service providers. If they fail to do one of these, you can have your service restored at their expense (and report them to the FCC if you feel like it).

    I'm not your lawyer, this is not legal advice.
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    Having worked at BellSouth for 8 years before I took a buyout package, I suggest you take notes on every conversation you will have getting this straightened out. Yes, you will get the "run around" and the typical, "I'll have to transfer you to another person to complete that" crap. Review your next bill CLOSELY!! If your service is screwed up, file a complaint with the GA PSC. PSC complaints get alot of attention. Better yet, call the highest ranking ATT/BellSouth person you can find and file a complaint. Those get ALOT of attention!! You can literally have dozens of ATT/BLS minions running around trying to explain to their bosses who screwed up!! Happy Hunting!!!
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    I check the phone bills at work, don't even get me started on Bellsouth/Cingular screwups and illegal acts.
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    After working there almost 8 years, I'm glad I flew the coop last April.

    Especially now with the takeover from Ma Bell.

    Went from an ok place ( internet) to pure hell (BellSouth Corporate).