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    The link says the video has been removed, or you have to sign-in and prove you're an adult to see it.

    I've seen it before, a few days ago. Our soldiers planted a bomb under his car and blew the car apart while he was pinned in the wreckage, wounded, but conscious and talking and making hand gestures. The actual footage of the car being blown up was taken from a few hundred yards down the street and the camera was in wide angle view, so you don't see HIM, the terrorist, just before the blast. But you know he's there.

    Then you see him half-in and half-out of the twisted hulk of the car, which has now been crashed into a tank, partially blown up by the terrorist, and partially blown up by the U.S. military.

    And then the video shows the UNEXPLODED ordinance they recovered from the vehicle. Artillery shells, mortar rounds, mines, etc. So if the terrorist had wired this stuff right, it would have been a very big explosion indeed.

    However, I still don't understand why they just didn't shoot him and his car with a bunch of small-arms fire. That would have "disrupted" the bomb's triggering mechanism, and killed the driver, and it wouldn't have taken such a long time, and we wouldn't have needed a $200,000 robot...

    ... oh, wait. That's it. Doing it any other way would not have helped justify the purchase of a quarter-million dollar robot and some really huge profit for a lucky or well-connected defense contractor. Okay. Makes sense now.