As long as we're bashing cops for doing the job badly...

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  1. Macktee

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    We shouldn't lose sight of the fact the overwhelming majority of them are good, decent men and women doing their best to handle a dangerous and difficult job.

    When I read an article, or see a posting, about some jerk who shouldn't be wearing a badge who's abused his authority, and some poor civilian, I get pissed. I think we all do.


    Remember the big shoot-out in CA a few years ago with the two BGs wearing body armor and packing AK-47s? The cops responded and not one decided to go the other direction. They all went toward the danger! That's what they do; the good ones anyway.

    So, whenever I'm feeling really anti-cop, I go to this website for a few minutes of serious reflection:

    OK, the sermon is over. Thanks.

  2. VolGrad

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    Thanks for posting this site. I agree this is helpful to remind us all of what LEOs put on the line every single time they put on the uniform.

    I have several close friends who are local LEOs. They do not know every detail of the law and will openly admit that. A lot of their job does require them to use their own judgment, interpretation, discretion, etc. We may not like it but that is reality. It is only recently that nearly every person they deal with is suddenly an amateur "Constitutional lawyer" and is a potential lawsuit.

    Every time I see one of them running radar or doing some other crappy part of their job I call them and "bust their balls" about harassing the "civilians" (jokingly, of course). They all hate that part of their job. They do not want to have to write tickets, answer calls about someone not wanting to show a receipt to the clerk at Circuit City, etc. They would much rather be looking for true bad guys and busting them, even at the risk of their life. Their intent is good, keep that in mind.

    Another note, most work side jobs to supplement their income because "the man" doesn't see fit to pay them for their sacrifices. They don't complain, they just do it.

  3. Gunstar1

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    I have said it before, in my life of lead foot driving I have had many more positive encounters (that have still given me a ticket) with LEOs than bad ones.

    Unfortunately the bad ones stick in my mind far easier than the good.
  4. VolGrad

    VolGrad Tactical Statistician is the case with any profession. EDIT: Especially, government workers, teachers, and lawyers. I have seen govt worker bashing on this site and teacher bashing too. Funny though, no lawyer bashing. LOL.
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    I don't know. $37,648 to start with a $2,000 hiring bonus does not sound so bad for a 21 year old with no college degree. With the bonus, it is over $40,000 with a college degree. And that is just to start.

    Median household income, not individual income, in Georgia for all ages and educational levels is only $46,000.
  6. VolGrad

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    In Gwinnett maybe, in Athens the starting is somewhere around $26,000 IIRC. There are a couple of things which kick it up $1-2k, like a 4-yr degree or military experience. However, many officers don't have that. Even at $30k that doesn't go very far to support a family. Yes, they chose that career. I am just saying that many require second/side jobs.
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    That sounds good compared to when I was an Athens cop. I was halfway to a collgege degree and got a bonus for that. Even so, I started out making about $17,500 (in 1988). When I quite I was making around $ came out to $8.68/hr. :cry:

    Needless to say, I'm very glad I went back to school and am in IT now. :lol:
  8. Malum Prohibitum

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    My first law enforcement job was $14,900 annually . . .
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    That was a lot of money in the 20s. ;)
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  11. merlock

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    36 of the moderators is a lawyer. :eek:
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    Man...if I got paid that little to risk my life...I'd be in a terminally bad mood all the time too... :shock:

    I'll stick to my desk job, thankyewverymuch.
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    I don't understand this part at all. I know plenty of LEO's with a degree that have no clue what they're doing and plenty without the degree that are supervisors for those who finished the degree.

    Not saying a degree isn't worth it, but I don't see how it helps in this case.
  14. Firearmz

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    Ok I agree with you that Police do serve an important role and MOST do a good job, some do a great job and well some just do a real crappy job. Now that crappy job maybe that they have the god syndrome, or just to lazy.

    As for over all performance I would give them a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. Now you ask me why? Ok I will give you my opinion.

    We cite the LA Shoot Out, let’s look at the Miami FBI Shoot out, the New Hall Massacre, the OJ Case, the case in Fla. Where the little girl was raped and killed across the street from her home and buried, let’s look at the school shootings where armed, grown men in their vest and automatic weapons stood out side and waited while kids were killed because it was dangerous to go in.

    On the other hand, lets look at the kid in Fla. And his deportation, Douglas County Georgia where they went in and had an unarmed suspect at gun point, killed an innocent old man and lost one deputy, and lets look at Fulton County Red Dog killing an old lady.

    They do a good job at road blocks and checking license, insurance and vehicle registrations, and DUI’s.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not anti-police, I am just pro police for the ones doing their jobs correctly, following law and not making it up as they want to interpret it and adding their personal agenda in it.

    Where I live we always have a courtesy officer that lives here and gets free rent because he has a police car, but he works a separate section of the county at night and sleeps all day, the apartment next to his was selling dope out of it until the occupant over dosed and died, oh yea the other apartment that I have reported numerous times for running a 24 hour stop and cop and is still in operation.

    One thing I do recognize is that most blunders come from smaller agencies and departments, most attitudes come from larger agencies.

    Again not against them, but if you sign up for the job, do it right. As for some cop who will not hesitate to jerk a young teen out of a car at gun point but hesitates to go into a school during an active shooter situation has no respect from me at all.
  15. gizmo5

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    My feelings exactly!
    I hate the heros by association that do nothing, and I also hate that the ones that do something right get screwed by the other tards wearing the same uniform....
  16. Dan4010

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    Watching some of the video's displayed no here makes me concerned about the practices of LEO's and slightly distrustful of them. However, on the other hand I have never had a bad exprereince with any LEO infact most have been very positive. Unlike some here, not being that it is bad, I have shown my GFL everytime I have been stopped and in each case received positive feedback from the LEO. In fact in one case they wanted to compared the weapons they were carrying to the one I had. We had a good time talking about weapons.

    Yes, they do put their lives on the line quite frequently. And we should all apprecaite that. My only complaint is that I feel most LEO departments are bevoming more militarily oriented and that is what drving LEO's to be more rude, forceful and abusive. In those cases, they see themselves as different from us "civilians". Which I think creates the problem. However, again I am just speculating. As long as they recognize we are all on the same team, then LEO's are much needed, praised for doing a job for us citizens and we greatly appreciate their role.