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Hi all,

I have a PC and not a cell phone so find it difficult to remain involved in a conversation, hence, rarely start them. I can't, however, avoid bringing this article to your attention - haven't yet seen it here. The author actually GETS our 'movement' (forgive my term) and provides a very good explanation of the NRA and its methods. He provides us the respect we deserve and does not resort to the usual cheap name calling and lies we must explain away with basic common sense fact day in and day out.
I thought you'd enjoy the read.

David Cole - Georgetown U - Reviews 3 of the latest gun tomes Terror of Our Guns

According to the FBI, more than 325,000 people died in gun-related homicides from 1983 to 2012. Yet only 547 of them died in mass shootings involving four or more deaths. Ordinary, non-mass shootings are all too common. In Chicago alone, more than 1,650 people have been shot thus far this year, and the year is only half over. Moreover, most gun deaths are attributable to suicides. In 2013, suicides accounted for almost two thirds of the 36,636 people who died from gunshots.
First time I've seen a New Yorker understand the numbers to this extent!

It is remarkably difficult to define an “assault weapon.†They are semiautomatic, which means they fire a new bullet with each trigger pull, while automatically reloading. But most guns made today are semiautomatic, so the ban on assault weapons focused on the cosmetic military appearance of certain guns, and was easily evaded by alterations in design. Moreover, while gun rights proponents are hard-pressed to offer a legitimate reason for civilians to own assault weapons, they are used in a very small proportion of gun crimes. Most crimes involve ordinary handguns. So the assault weapon ban did little if anything to advance gun safety and Congress let it lapse in 2004.
The NRA may advocate for an individual right, but its influence derives precisely from collective democratic action. Far from threatening democracy, it expertly deploys the techniques of majoritarian politics. The NRA has achieved its victories not by threats of insurrection but through the classic methods of democracy: debate, dialogue, lobbying, and electioneering.

I've not heard the argument that the manufacturers created the market so that they could find a ready constant market instead of hoping for another war to boost production. Interesting...

They'll be reading this in West Central Park if they don't faint first.
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