Article that Antis Will Actually Read and May Learn Something

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    Hi all,

    I have a PC and not a cell phone so find it difficult to remain involved in a conversation, hence, rarely start them. I can't, however, avoid bringing this article to your attention - haven't yet seen it here. The author actually GETS our 'movement' (forgive my term) and provides a very good explanation of the NRA and its methods. He provides us the respect we deserve and does not resort to the usual cheap name calling and lies we must explain away with basic common sense fact day in and day out.
    I thought you'd enjoy the read.

    David Cole - Georgetown U - Reviews 3 of the latest gun tomes Terror of Our Guns

    First time I've seen a New Yorker understand the numbers to this extent!


    I've not heard the argument that the manufacturers created the market so that they could find a ready constant market instead of hoping for another war to boost production. Interesting...

    They'll be reading this in West Central Park if they don't faint first.