Article: Second Amendment revisionists are at it again

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Rammstein, Feb 25, 2007.

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    I thought everyone would like this article.
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    Just like the Bible or Quran, people tend to interpert the Constitution to match their own beliefs rather than matching their beliefs to what it actually says.

    It's almost funny how people can twist some of the words around or just completely skip over the parts they don't agree with...


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    For what it's worth, I put this together five or six years ago in response to an anti:

    Both Alan M. Dershowitz and Laurence H. Tribe disagree with your analysis that the Second Amendment is a ‘collective’ right.

    (Dershowitz and Tribe are Full Professors at Harvard Law School and, arguably, the finest Constitutional scholars of this century. Tribe's ‘American Constitutional Law’ is THE text on Constitutional law. Both are very liberal, hate guns, and in the case of Dershowitz would like to repeal the Second Amendment. Tribe is an attorney for the Democratic National Committee.)

    “...Tribe thinks the Second Amendment assures that "the federal government may not disarm individual citizens without some unusually strong justification." Tribe posits that it includes an individual right, "admittedly of uncertain scope," to "possess and use firearms in the defense of themselves and their homes."...â€
    (‘Scholar's shift in thinking angers liberals’ by Tony Mauro, USA TODAY on 08/27/99)

    Alan Dershowitz says: “[Those] who are trying to read the Second Amendment out of the Constitution by claiming it's not an individual right [are] courting disaster by encouraging others to use the same means to eliminate portions of the Constitution they don't like.â€

    With respect to Dershowitz‘s statement: (1.) Five of the first ten Amendments use the phrase ‘the people’ . You would have us believe that four are individual rights and one is a ‘collective’ right with NO differentiating clause. (2.) The Constitution was designed to limit the powers of the Federal government with respect to the several States and, more importantly, the individual citizen (‘the people’).
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    I think Tribe is the author of a law review article called The Terrifying Second Amendment, which I think you can find at guncite or elsewhere online.