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Malum Prohibitum said:
That assumes too much, of course.
Yeah, like guys with "R" behind their names are actually supportive of such efforts.

This guy is a republican (and we know where he stands):

He isn't a member of the legislative branch, though. This cat is:

I can't figure what he's thinking. He has said in the past that he is pro-concelaed carry and for the repeal of Federal firearms restricitions, but later made the statements below and creates that McCain-Feingold finance reform legislation.

McCain favors outlawing cheaply made handguns called Saturday night specials, and favors mandating safety locks on certain guns. He said he is intrigued by new technology that electronically identifies a person handling a gun, allowing only the owner to fire it. McCain rallied Senate Republicans behind a Democratic measure requiring background checks at gun shows.
Source: Scott Lindlaw, Associated Press Aug 17, 1999

McCain said he was open to voting for an assault weapon ban, depending on the details.
Source: Los Angeles Times, “McCain Calls for Hearings†Aug 17, 1999
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